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 If you are thinking about purchasing our meat, it is best to to plan ahead! Our lamb is available in the fall and winter. Lambs can be ready in four months to a year depending on the lambing schedule and the desired weight. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for! As soon as you have decided to purchase from us, let us know so that we can hold it for you. We sell out quickly, well before the lamb is actually available for market.


This year, we will not be selling whole beef and sides directly to customers, but you will find our beef at quality markets and restaurants. We will continue to offer ground beef and some retail cuts at the farm.


How much freezer space do you need? About 50 lbs of meat will fill a 2.25 cubic ft freezer. A 12 cubic ft freezer should hold about 250 lbs of meat.  




Wholesale  Pricing ~ 2017


Beef,Whole: $5/lb hanging weight                                          Whole and half lamb: $9.50/lb dressed weight

Beef Side: $5.50/hanging weight



Prices include all processing fees and vac-sealed packaging, and you decide which cuts you would like,

or we can advise!





GROUND BEEF                                                      $6.75/lb

TOP OF ROUND ROAST                                        $7.50/lb  BOTTOM OF ROUND ROAST                                $6.50/lb

EYE OF ROUND ROAST                                        $7.50/lb  

STEW MEAT                                                            $6.50/lb 

SKIRT AND FLANK STEAKS                                  $8.00lb  

SHANKS                                                                  $6.00/lb  

BRISKET                                                                  $8.00/lb 

SHORT RIBS                                                           $8.50/lb

SIRLOIN STEAK                                                       $9.00/lb

 RIBEYE STEAK                                                     $12.50/lb

TONGUE & LIVER                                                           $4.00/lb   BONES FOR STOCK                                                     $2.00/lb                                                                     








  • SHANKS                                                  $12.00/lb
  • GROUND                                                 $12.00/lb
  • STEW MEAT                                            $14.50/lb
  • BONE-IN LEG OF LAMB                         $14.50/lb
  • BONELESS LEG OF LAMB                     $15.50/lb
  • SHOULDER CHOPS                                $12.50/lb
  • BLADE CHOPS                                        $13.50/lb
  • LOIN CHOPS                                            $19.50/lb
  • RACK OF LAMB                                       $20.00/lb
  • SHOULDER ROAST                                 $13.50/lb
  • RIB CHOPS                                               $19.75/lb
  • LIVER & OTHER ORGAN MEATS              $6.00/lb






A Note about Hanging (Dressed) Weight...

The October 2009 issue of Saveur Magazine said

Whole and half lamb is sold at $9.50/pound, based on dressed weight.  Dressed/hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the evisceration and cleaning process.  Actual hanging weights vary and depend on the size and age of the lamb at slaughter and the customer's preference for a smaller or larger lamb. Most will be in the range from 30-50 pounds for a whole lamb. Approximately 85-95% of the hanging weight will be what the customer takes home.


In the March 2010 issue of Food & Wine magazine, Robert Wiedmaier, chef-owner of Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck in Washington, DC, is quoted as saying, “Icelandic lamb is the best I’ve ever tasted.  It’s a very pure, nonfatty meat.”


Boston Magazine, Nov. 2013  talks about  the new "nose to tail" trend...lamb!



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