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 Take a look at some of the adorable 2018 lambs we got from our Icelandic and Katahdin ewes !




     About Icelandics


   The Icelandic sheep is one of the worlds oldest and purest breeds, going back 1100 years! It is truly a multi-purpose breed producing beautiful fleece, delicious meat, milk, pelts and horns. It is a very hardy breed and does very well in the cold northern climate of New England.

   Icelandics are a mid-sized breed with ewes averaging 130-160 pounds, and rams averaging 180-220 pounds.

Conformation is generally short legged and stocky. The face and legs are free of wool. The fleece is dual-coated and comes in white as well as a range of browns, grays, and blacks. There are both horned and polled strains.  (We raise horned icelandics) Left unshorn for the winter, the breed is very cold hardy. They carry a gene that results in multiple births, generally twins, but sometimes triplets, quadruplets and even more!


           About Katahdins


The Katahdin breed is a woolless, easy care, meat type sheep, naturally tolerant of climate extremes and capable of high performance in a wide variety of environments. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently produce meat.

The Katahdin does not require shearing and sheds its winter coat naturally in the spring . The coat can be any color or pattern.

Katahdins are a heavy-muscled, medium-sized breed and generally polled. They demonstrate adaptability by performing well in areas varying in geography, temperature, and humidity, feed and forage resources, and management systems. Ewes are easy lambers, and exhibit strong maternal instincts and good milking ability. They possess high potential for early puberty, fertility, and lamb survivability.

Lambs grow and mature rapidly to an acceptable market weight range and produce relatively lean and well muscled carcasses with a very mild flavor.






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