What We Offer

Our farm  has grown over the years from small beginnings to  offering  a wide variety of products, ranging from beef, lamb, and maple syrup, to yarns, pelts, and other products made from our Icelandic sheep's wool. You can get some idea of our selection by taking a look below. 

Our Meats

Our certified organic beef and lamb come from healthy, happy, grass fed animals.  They are raised on organic pasture with good clean water.  100% grass fed and certified organic and, of course, no hormones or antibiotics. You won't find anything this delicious in a supermarket!

Maple Syrup

We love maple syrup and use it in so many ways. Besides on waffles and panckes, it adds a layer of sweetness to dressings, marinades, frostings, baked goods and much more! We are working on our 2018 syrup. Coming soon!


Wonderful Wooliness from Our Icelandic Sheep

  • beautiful yarns
  • roving for spinners
  • gorgeous pelts for baby's crib, draping over a chair or on the floor as a rug
  • one of a kind woven scarves, blankets and other articles
  • felted soaps
  • woven rugs

Farm Fresh Eggs



Farm fresh eggs from our organically raised, pastured chickens and ducks coming soon!

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