From the Swing by the Willows

  Dedicated to my wonderful parents who loved this farm,and whose swing sits under the willows at the pond's edge.






Twins Again!

Stella, a first time mother, had a beautiful moorit ram lamb last night. Usually, our first timers have just singles, so we were surprised to find an adorable little black ewe lamb as well! Both lambs are husky and healthy! We have named them Pippin and Rye.



First Lambs of 2017!


Molly has lambed! 2 adorable ewe lambs, Clover and Scout, from our handsome Katahdin ram, Beau. We are still waiting for the rest of the flock to lamb.

Like watching a kettle boil!



Lambs Are Arriving!


Rema has given us triplets again this year! Two white ewe lambs, like their dam, and a solid black ram lamb like the sire. We have named them Lilibit (with the brown tipped tail), Eidelweiss, and Branch( black ram lamb) One of these ewes, and Branch will be for sale. They are doing very well and Rema is a great mother!


Just Waiting...


Lambing season is only a couple of weeks away.

Last year our ewes gave us 2 sets of triplets, lots of twins, and a few singles.

Can't wait to see what this year brings. New lamb pictures will be posted on the "Our Sheep" page as they arrive.


Barn Raising!



We are in the fine tuning stages of planning a barn that will house our lambing jugs, hay, a tractor, trailer and all the "stuff" we now have to store in scattered sheds and elsewhere ( read: basement).The 32x42 foot post and beam barn will be located adjacent to the barnyard, just completed this fall. I am very excited about having a root cellar and cheese room which will be tucked into the lower level of our "bank " barn. As I write, the timber for this beautiful structure is being harvested and carefully cut, notched, and otherwise readied to be raised this summer! Stay tuned!

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