From the Swing by the Willows

  Dedicated to my wonderful parents who loved this farm,and whose swing sits under the willows at the pond's edge.





Our "Cathedral" Barn 9/28/17


The barn is going up quickly now. The view from the main floor is spectacular!  I might just have to sit there all day and contemplate the wonders of nature. :) The workmanhip going into the barn is just amazing and we are enjoying every step of this beautiful project! Thank you, David Markwood and crew, for your incredible skills and attention to detail.

The hardest part (for us) will be getting everything moved in  and settled before winter. I am looking forward to seeing how things will best function. The sheep will be housed below on the right. I will have a root cellar way in back(yay!)on the other side. The tractor, trailer,  and other equipment will also be stored on the basement level. Upstairs, ...hay, hay, and more hay!  It will be so great to have all the critters so much closer to the house.


Our Two Favorite Farmhands!      9/9/17


Our favorite , "bestest" , and  cutest farmhands came to visit this weekend. They are not afraid to get a little mud on their boots! Thanks to Ethan and Olivia for making our weekend so much fun! Pretty sure that they had fun, too  :-)

Step by Step...            9/7/17



The barn is moving along slowly; more slowly than we had hoped, but it will be worth the wait. This beautiful retaining wall is almost done.  Hoping the first floor goes up soon!  Ben is a master at what he does!

Progress!            7/31/17


Every day we are making progress on the barn! So great to see how quickly and beautifully this is coming along. Thank you, David Markwood and team, for your expert skills and attention to detail!  We are just fascinated to watch this go up and so thrilled to think we soon will finally have a beautiful, much needed, working barn. 


Moving Along! 7/22/17


The posts and beams are all cut, notched and ready to go!

Hopefully, all this will be going up in a couple of weeks!  This is just a small stack of the beautiful wood going into this barn.  It is going to be a wonderful addition to the farm!

Surprise! 7/19/17


We didn't think that she had gotten bred, but surprise! Another beauty! If another one shows it will definitely be a miracle!


Barn!   7/9/17


Well, we have a foundation with water and electric conduit in place. We also have a HUGE! trench running across all the pastures from my neighbors pole to the new barn. It's been quite a feat moving all the critters around so that they get good pasture, but are safely away from that trench! First floor decking will be going up soon. After that, things will move along quickly! Stay tuned!


Happy 4th of July from our grandkids, Ethan & Olivia, and all of us !



Hope you all enjoyed your holiday.  We are so blessed to be living in this wonderful country. Happy Birthday, America!

"It is thus with farming; if you do one thing late, you will be late in all your work."- Cato the Elder

I guess we won't be sitting on these chairs for a while. There is so much to do this time of year and it seems the weather is always working against us. Just when spring finally pops, the list of chores is long and immediate. It will get done. It always does. Well, maybe not everything, but at least what absolutely has to get done, and hopefully more.


Our lambs have arrived and are thriving on mother's milk and lush green grass. We watch as new life arrives each day. Now, hefty little calves are being born to attentive momma cows, laden with milk.


Little by little, the vegetables are planted. First the leeks and onions, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, radishes, carrots, cabbages, and then we hope Mother Nature doesn't pull a late frost, and we bravely plant the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, etc.


 Spring is a time of renewal- of life and of the land. I  am so thankful to be farming on this beautiful piece of land and for our two fabulous farmhands, Ken & Rebecca, who help lighten our load.

First  Calf of 2017!    5/22/17

Just officially finished up with lambing and now we start with new calves! Sinead presented us with this beauty this morning. I'm guessing it's a heifer, but we'll give them some time to get to know each other first before I get too close.

Shearing Day!   5/20/17


Our sheep got their summer haircuts today! All set for the hot summer weather ahead. It is always so amusing to see the little lambs frantically trying to find their "naked " mothers. It takes them a bit to figure it out, but shortly, all is well again. Thanks to Mary Lake who always does such a great job shearing our sheep! I will be having some beautiful rugs made from this spring fleece.


Luna's Boy   5/20/17


Our Icelandic yearling, Luna, lambed unassisted this morning. Her tiny little ram lamb is healthy and bouncy and looks exactly like his mom, white with black ringed eyes. We gave him a big name for a little guy-"Boomer"!

Grand total of lambs this year: 15! All healthy and doing great!


Adeleida Has Found a Nest       5/7/17


Now that almost all our lambs are safely born and running around, I thought a chicken story would be a nice change of pace.

Adeleida seems to be loving this spot for her eggs. Not sure if she is going broody on me yet, but as we currently have no rooster, it certainly would be a waste of time and good eggs. I had to rearrange the cozy quarters a bit when I found that she had somehow fallen back behind the hay bales and was stuck. Luckily, I heard her squawking and was able to rescue her in time. Silly bird!

Millie Has Twinned! 5/2/17


Two big, chunky, lambs! One ram lamb, "Birch"  and one ewe lamb, "Misty" Only our Icelandic yearling, Luna, is left to lamb. 14 lambs on the ground and almost done!

Aurora Has a Hefty Ram Lamb! 4/29/17

Just a single ram lamb, after looking like she might have triplets. He is a big boy, though, and we have called him Bubka (like the cinnamon swirl bread babka). It is looking like a field of rabbits around here with all the little lambs hopping and leaping around. My favorite time of year!


Daisy Has Had Twins !   4/26/17


One of each for Daisy! All doing well. The little ewe lamb will be called Hyacinth and we are calling the ram lamb Aspen.

Two New Lambs for Pebbles!  4/26/17


Pebbles has had twins this time. One little spotted white ewe lamb (Eliza) and an adorable morrit ram lamb (Whiskey). Great job by Pebbles, as always!

Twins Again!   4/19/17

Stella, a first time mother, had a beautiful moorit ram lamb last night. Usually, our first timers have just singles, so we were surprised to find an adorable little black ewe lamb as well! Both lambs are husky and healthy! We have named them Pippin and Rye.



First Lambs of 2017! 4/14/17


Molly has lambed! 2 adorable ewe lambs, Clover and Scout, from our handsome Katahdin ram, Beau. We are still waiting for the rest of the flock to lamb.

Like watching a kettle boil!



Lambs Are Arriving!  4/14/17


Rema has given us triplets again this year! Two white ewe lambs, like their dam, and a solid black ram lamb like the sire. We have named them Lilibit (with the brown tipped tail), Eidelweiss, and Branch( black ram lamb) One of these ewes, and Branch will be for sale. They are doing very well and Rema is a great mother!


Just Waiting...


Lambing season is only a couple of weeks away.

Last year our ewes gave us 2 sets of triplets, lots of twins, and a few singles.

Can't wait to see what this year brings. New lamb pictures will be posted on the "Our Sheep" page as they arrive.


Barn Raising!



We are in the fine tuning stages of planning a barn that will house our lambing jugs, hay, a tractor, trailer and all the "stuff" we now have to store in scattered sheds and elsewhere ( read: basement).The 32x42 foot post and beam barn will be located adjacent to the barnyard, just completed this fall. I am very excited about having a root cellar and cheese room which will be tucked into the lower level of our "bank " barn. As I write, the timber for this beautiful structure is being harvested and carefully cut, notched, and otherwise readied to be raised this summer! Stay tuned!

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